Hayden Valley Middle School

Hayden Valley Middle School

Middle School Start Time: 8:00 AM
Middle School Dismissal Time: 4:10 PM


The Student/Parent Handbook contains information that is vital to students’ success at Hayden Middle School. The handbook contains information that is pertinent to each and every student in attendance, and every student will be held accountable for its contents. Therefore, it is imperative that all students and their parents/guardians thoroughly review the complete handbook, to ensure they are familiar with all of the policies at HMS.

Supply List

2022-23 Middle School Supply List,


School Counseling Department Services

School Counselors focus on the following major areas of service and often consult with other educators to utilize pertinent guidance-related information.

  • Academic Achievement
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development
  • Community Parent Involvement

If you have a concern or question about your student, the school counselor might be the place to start!

Computer access via the Parent Information Kiosk at the secondary main office is now available for parents to look up their child’s information on PowerSchool. PowerSchool allows the parent to view their student’s grades, assignments, attendance, and lunch accounts. Parents can also explore the district’s new and improved website. Access to the Parent Information Kiosk is available during regular office hours, 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

MS Principal Vickie Bloomquist

Vicki Blomquist
Middle School Principal/Instructional Coach
P.O. Box 70, 300 Breeze Basin
Hayden, CO  81639
970-276-3761 Ext.2148

Secretary Kim Temple

Kim Temple
Secondary Administrative Assistant
(970) 276-3761
Fax: (970) 276-4374