northwest colorado health partners with hayden and steamboat school districts to offer school-based dental services

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The Parent/Community Townhall Meeting for October has been moved to Monday, October 25th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.  We will be meeting in the Board Room at the school.  The meeting will be in person. 

Hope to see many of you there! 

Dr. Sinner

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The mission of the Hayden School District is to promote continuous growth in student achievement by providing the support and tools to create a safe, motivating and enriching academic program which meets diverse educational needs.

Please visit the Food Service Page for information on the Free and Reduced Program and Application.

Superintendent Sinner 

September Letter 

September 30, 2021

It is hard to believe we have been in school for six weeks. For those who have had the opportunity to volunteer or visit during the school day, you will have noticed a different feel in the building. Our administration team has worked hard to make these positive changes in culture and involvement. If you have not had the opportunity to visit, please stop in soon. Also, in three weeks, the first quarter will end (October 21st) and parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for October 27th & 28th. This will provide you another opportunity to visit!

While drop-off and pick-up have gone fairly smoothly since we started school, we do have a few reminders. Duty starts for staff at 7:40. Please do not drop your student off prior to this time as there is no supervision. When you drop off, please use the “kiss and go” process. To keep everything flowing, drop off your student at the curb and those on duty will assist them to the playground area. We ask that the playground stay reserved for our younger students and parents refrain from entering the gated area.

At this point, masks are still encouraged, but not required. Nurse Anna has a weekly meeting with public health and we both monitor cases in Routt and Moffat County. We are in constant contact with public health for guidance, information, and reporting of positive cases. To date, we have had over 10 positive cases reported that affect the students and/or staff at our school. While these positive cases have been contacted off-campus, the individual with the positive case is isolated as recommended by public health. Unlike last year, there are no quarantines of classes unless we reach a threshold set by public health to require this. We do inform parents if a student in their child’s class-tested positive and the students could have been exposed. This exposure no longer leads to a quarantine like it did last year. If conditions change, we will update you immediately.

This document highlights the district’s stimulus funds to date. As you can see, we have not received any funding for ESSER III. This is due to us not qualifying for Title I services under the federal guidelines which utilize the data from the census from 2010. We do not have enough students living below the poverty threshold required to receive these funds. I am continuing to lobby the Colorado Department of Education for a portion of their available funds. If/when we receive funds, the information will be shared out. If you have questions on the attached document, please reach out and ask.

The RISE grant continues to move forward. We had a two-day retreat in the middle of September. It included students, staff, and community members. Information gathered will continue to move us forward and progressing to meet the needs represented. Our greenhouse is ordered. It is 25 x 50’ and will be placed in the green space between the storage shed and shot put. The woodworking equipment has arrived. The students were in class when it arrived so got to see first-hand the arrival and unpacking of these items. As you remember, most of our equipment from the old school was not to the current state safety code so needed to be replaced. We are currently working on the creation of our commercial kitchen and food lab. Our main focus will be honey processing. With this, we will also have a storefront to be able to sell our products from both the greenhouse and food lab. Currently, we have forty-two students involved in this new program. This is close to 43% of our high school students participating in this new program/classes! If students continue in the program throughout high school, they will be able to graduate with an AG certification which is equivalent to an associate degree (AA). We continue to build thoughtful partnerships with the program. The Craig Scheckman Family Foundation has donated $100,000 to capital construction on the project, and we are meeting with several entities in the community for support. Thanks to the student voice for bringing this desire forward. It is coming to fruition for you!

While many love to have their friendly little companions with them a majority of the time, we kindly ask that you keep your dog off-campus. This not only includes during the school day but also sporting events. Please do not bring your pet onto the school site. Thank you!

We are continuing to recruit substitutes. Subs get paid $115 a day, get a free lunch, and we have added incentives based on the number of days worked during the year. The district reimburses for the required fingerprints and license fees. If you are interested, please reach out to us.

There are several things happening in October. We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week. This is a collaborative event with PTO and our schools. Mrs. Voegtle and Mrs. Blomquist will be working directly with PTO on this so be on the lookout for information from them! Homecoming is scheduled for the week of October 11th. Student Council is working on several activities and is planning events throughout the week. Details will be sent out soon.

The October Parent/Community Townhall will be held on Monday, October 18th starting at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be in person and will be held in the Board Room which is to the left once you enter the building. At the September meeting, we had a total of 13 people attend the townhall. Topics included a review of enrollment, updates on the RISE grant, lunch continuing to be free to all students, the Day of Giving, Hayden’s current level of federal stimulus funds, staff survey results, retention of teachers, masks, funding, vaccinations, and the change in Reflex software at the elementary school. I appreciate the involvement and parents/community members wanting to understand and be part of what is happening at the school level. There were several conversations after on topics that related to individuals. They all stated their appreciation for the opportunity to just talk as do I. Thank you to all who were able to attend!

For some time now, I have been working with Northwest Colorado Health on supporting our students and families with a school-based health option. A detailed press release will be out within the next couple of weeks to announce the start up! We will be starting with a mobile dental unit that will be on our school campus to provide dental services to our students and hope to expand to medical options as the need grows. This is an amazing addition to our community for our students, families, and community members. Watch for details to be shared soon!

With gratitude,

Christy L. Sinner, Superintendent


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