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Hayden Valley High School Start Time: 8:00AM
Hayden Valley High School Dismissal Time: 4:10 PM


The Student/Parent Handbook contains information that is vital to students’ success at Hayden High School. The handbook contains information that is pertinent to each and every student in attendance, and every student will be held accountable for its contents. Therefore, it is imperative that all students and their parents/guardians thoroughly review the complete handbook, to ensure they are familiar with all of the policies at HSS.

Supply List

2022-23 High School Supply List, WELCOME BACK!

Graduation Requirements

All students must meet or exceed state and district academic standards prior to becoming eligible to graduate or complete the requirements and goals as listed in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), which may include modified academic standards.

District Policies IKF and IKF-E

School Counseling Department Services

School Counselors focus on the following major areas of service and often consult with other educators to utilize pertinent guidance-related information.

  • Academic Achievement
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development
  • Community Parent Involvement

If you have a concern or question about your student, the school counselor might be the place to start!

The Babson- Carpenter Career and Technical Education Center has a long history of providing quality trade education to Hayden School District. As things have changed over the years throughout the Yampa Valley, the Babson-Carpenter Center has held tight to the traditions of offering quality education in preparing students for a career after graduation. Currently the Babson-Carpenter Center houses two Career and Technical Education Programs, Agricultural Education and Business and Marketing.

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education started in the Fall of 2021 with grants from the Colorado Governor’s RISE Program. Agricultural Education is founded on a three part model that includes career and industry driven instruction, individual work based learning through a Supervised Agricultural Experience and a personal leadership development through the Hayden FFA Chapter. Course work is offered in Animal Science, Plant Science, Natural Resource Management, Food Products and Processing, and Power, Structural and Technical pathway with welding, compact equipment and construction courses. Each of our pathways has their own designated laboratory spaces where students are able to interact in hands-on activities that connect learning to real world application.

 Ag Ed Program Map

Business and Marketing Education

Business Education offers technical information in the career fields of business and technology with the professional organization of Future Business Leaders of America. Students are able to work in the applications of technology and personal finance. The Hayden Business program also houses our students’ ability for Work-Based Learning in our community and showcases our students’ work in their Graduation capstone projects.


Business Program Map

Computer access is available via Chromebook at the main office so parents can access their student information on Powerschool. PowerSchool allows the parent to view their student’s grades, assignments, attendance, and lunch accounts. Parents can also explore the district’s website. Access to the main office is available during regular office hours, 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Hayden Valley Schools Front Entrance
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Secretary Kim Temple

Kim Temple
Secondary Administrative Assistant
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