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The mission of the Hayden School District is to promote continuous growth in student achievement by providing the support and tools to create a safe, motivating and enriching academic program which meets diverse educational needs.

November 2019

It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago we were campaigning to pass the bond which narrowly passed followed by being awarded a BEST grant. From the work completed and public forums that have been a focus, not only the district but the entire community has a facility that they can be proud of.  It will continue to serve our community for many years!  We would not be where we are without the support and involvement from all facets.

Winter snuck in for a quick peak of what we can expect in the coming months but we are happy to have the sunshine back.  The snow didn’t cause any delays in work on the new school. During the snow, the crews moved some efforts around to assure we remain on schedule for our opening.  The addition is getting close to being completely closed in. Work on the elementary portion is still in progress as we had to tear off the brick as a result of an inspection that found water had been seeping in between the brick and insulation.  The new exterior and insulation will provide a higher R value and be more energy efficient. It is exciting to be on site often and watch it all come together.

Thanks to all who attended the parent teacher conferences in October.  The turn out was high with almost 100% at the elementary level. Those who chose to participate in the health offerings were thankful that we could tie it all together. We also want to thank our food service team who provided dinner for all students, parents, and staff during the conferences.

As we continue to focus on safety at both our current site and are putting in place additional measures in the new school, we were awared a COPS safety grant. Our school district was the only school in the State of Colorado to receive this competitive grant. This resulted in CBS News highlighting the safety measures we are putting in place.  Here is the link to the broadcast:


As we continue to move through the school year, please reach out with questions and feedback. We can only improve and make changes if we hear from you.

Thank you for your trust in our district to serve your child(ren).


Christy Sinner


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HSD New Constructon Progress April, 2019

March 8, 2019

Hello Parents/Guardians,

Hayden School District staff would like to pass along some information regarding the internet-based “Momo Challenge”. While we are not aware of students in our district participating in this challenge, some have been discussing it and asking about it, so we feel it is beneficial for you to have the correct information at your disposal. There is varying information out there on whether the Momo Challenge is a hoax or not, but it is still important to talk to your kids about what they might be seeing online. This “Challenge” may trace back to the summer months, but is gaining some traction again as children are talking about it, likely in response to local and national news outlets reporting on the challenge.

The “Momo Challenge” encourages children to commit progressively more dangerous acts, engaging and threatening children through social media and video games, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Minecraft.  When kids hear snippets about this either from other kids talking about it or it being reported in the media, their curiosity peaks and they may be tempted to search this on the internet to learn more.

See the articles below for more information.
*Please note that the article contents do include mention of disturbing content and suicide.


The Momo Challenge can be a teachable moment for you to have positive conversations with your children and to monitor their online usage.  Below is an excerpt from Gregory Ramey, PhD, child psychologist who gave recommendations to parents on how to talk to their kids about possible disturbing images they may have come across as well as other things they and their friends might be exposed to.

Tips for talking to your kids:

  • Mention that you had seen a video/read a blog about kids and technology. Ask an open question such as “as you have been on the internet have you or your friends ever stumbled upon something odd, disturbing or weird.” This is the type of ongoing conversation that you have to have with your children to make them responsible digital citizens.
  • Ask them if they have any friends at school who have been talking about any weird things they have seen on the internet. By asking them about their friends it takes the pressure off of them and may allow them to be more open with you.
  • In the case specifically with the “Momo challenge” do not show the picture to your kids in case they have not seen it. If they have not seen it you can bring it up but don’t share too many details. Simply tell them that if they ever see something strange online to come and tell you about it. Then move on from the conversation. Don’t worsen the situation by talking about it at length with them.
  • With a young child, keep it very simple. Tell them, if something ever comes up that is “bad” or “not ok” while they are watching a video be sure to tell mom and dad right away.
  • Maintain the conversation without too much pressure. This is not about discipline but rather a learning opportunity and an opportunity for you to make an emotional connection with your child.
  • Thank your child for being open with you.

As noted above, there is no need to tell your children about this challenge if they do not already know about it. The most important thing you can do as a parent in these situations is to be approachable, available and accessible and we of course will continue to monitor student use of technology.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your student’s school counselor or principal and we will continue to work together to keep students safe and supported.

Thank you,

Hayden Counseling Team

Lindsay Kohler, Sarah Cantrell, Spencer Wayman

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March 2019

The Ground Breaking Ceremony was an exciting and special time for the students, staff, and community.  A sunny day was asked for and we got it! I can’t thank everyone who attended and contributed to this amazing day enough.  We still have a mass amount of work, time, and effort to put forward to bring this dream to a reality, but each day we are one step closer!

With construction going at a fast pace, there will be thoughts, ideas, issues, and concerns that arise and need to be addressed.  All future concerns and communication on the project, need to be directed to myself as the school district superintendent.  All communication will be documented and referenced to the needed contact within 24 working hours.  Please feel free to call 970.276.4376 or email hsdconstsruction@haydenschools.org

We have begun to receive several questions on what is happening to all the photos, trophies, etc. that are currently in the secondary building.  As we are moving forward on transitioning to one campus for the fall, and those plans being close to being final, we are beginning to have discussion about what to take with us when we move to the new school.  At this point, no decisions have been made regarding any items that will be taken over to the new school. Although we have started initial discussion, we have been focusing on pre-construction and design items to this point. As we continue to move forward with the new building, these items, and many more, will be discussed in depth.  The Executive Team which consists of both school staff and community members will make the final decision. It is important to note that several of the committee members have strong ties to the school as they attended school here and have their kids and grandkids attending.

Currently, we are projecting and budgeting for a stable enrollment.  While we do have some students on a ‘wait list’ for next school year, we do not project much fluctuation in our enrollment numbers.

Our new elementary principal, Steve McDonald, will be holding a meet and greet at the elementary school on May 2nd from. 6:00-7:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend!


Christy Sinner, Superintendent


High School Wrestling Dual @ Rangely scheduled for February 6th, has been cancelled.

Middle School Girls Basketball @ East Grand scheduled for February 7th has been cancelled.

Hello, Parents!

We are very excited to share details about the 3rd Annual Parent Connection Summit! Dr. Laura Markham, a nationally known speaker and author, from Aha! Parenting will be our keynote speaker. We encourage you to visit her website at Aha! Parenting. It is a valuable resource for all parents.

Dr. Laura Markham’s presentation will focus on the ideas in her popular book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. The Bud Werner Library has partnered with Routt County Youth Services Coalition to host two book discussions. The first will be Tuesday, October 28th from 5:30-7:00 p.m. and then another will be held on December 4th from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Check the Bud Werner Library website for more details and to register for one or both of these discussions. The library will have books to check out at the front desk, as well as ebooks and audiobooks available.

In addition to Dr. Markham, many local experts will engage you in a variety of topics including positive discipline, co-parenting, how to better communicate better as a family, and vaping. You will also have a chance to connect with other parents in our community.

Remember that this is a free event, with free childcare, and a free lunch. Please share with friends and colleagues!

Register here: Parent Connection Summit Registration

Parent Connection Summit

November 15, 2019