Hayden School District promotes excellence in student achievement by providing opportunities and support in creating a safe, inspiring and enriching environment which meets the diverse educational needs of every student.

Hayden School District fosters analytical and creative thinkers who excel, innovate, and persevere in a global society; students and staff who challenge the status quo to promote excellence and integrity in their world.

Excellence. Integrity. Innovation.


Federal Stimulus Funding for Hayden RE-1 

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Hayden School District Board of Education Members Summer Chats

The members of the Hayden Board of Education will be hosting “Summer Chats” on the following dates in the Hayden Valley Schools Courtyard:

June 22nd @ 5:30 to 6:30

June 27th @ 6:00 to 7:00

July 14th @ 5:15 to 6:15

Two Board Members will present for the chats and all community members are invited to come visit in a relaxed setting.

Please contact the business office at 970.276.3864 if you have any questions.




2022 HUHS/HHS Annual All Class Reunion

Another year is in the books as the saying goes. The reunion committee would like to thank everyone that attended. Once the planning, scheduling, setting up and cleaning are all done, it feels good when we look back knowing everyone enjoyed the weekend.

The weekend started on Friday evening with the tour of the old school which now is the community center. It was fun because so many had attended high school there. Each hallway and classroom had more and more old memories pop out and oh the stories that were told. It was nice to hear all the plans the town has for the center. Once all the reconstruction is complete it should be nice for the community. Thank you Bill Doolin for the nice tour.

We then moved to the new school campus for a tour. It is a very well-planned out facility that seems to have safety and functionality as a focus. We were glad to see where the Wall of Fame will be and to hear it is well into the final stages and will be up by the start of the school year. The idea of having it more uniform will make it a very nice display. It will be one of the first things people see when entering the building. The building looks so big but with having preschool – high school together, it flows together well. But again, when we got to the display of the old trophies and honor banners, the great memories and stories came back and the memories and stories came back and the excitement was so neat to see. Everyone was pleased to know that history was preserved in keeping places for the senior composites along with more of the honor awards. It will be fun to return to see the completion of the Wall of Fame and the visual history. Thank you Judy Hayes Parrott for the very informative tour. We appreciated you taking the time for us.

We ended the tours on Friday night with enjoying the Legion hamburger stand. Most of the people remembered having those yummy hamburgers many times, usually at fair time.

What a great turnout at the meal on Saturday. We had around 100 in attendance. The milestone years this year were 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972 and 1977. We always look forward to seeing these classes get reacquainted each year. A couple of the classes continued Saturday evening at individual gatherings. A special thanks to Randy Barnes for taking pictures this year.

Thank you to all that contributed to the scholarship fund. We collected around $900 so the alumni will be able to give a couple of nice scholarships again next year. This year scholarships went to Jillian Bennett, Aveory Lighthizer, and Dylan Zimmerman. All who had family that are alumni of HHS.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – June 09, 10, 11, 2023. See you all next year! We are always open to suggestions to make this weekend fun. Send your ideas to phyllismoore66@yahoo.com.

Reunion Committee: Christine Epp, Phyllis Moore, Sally Scott, Bill Yoast, BJ and Betty Barnes, Karen Gilroy, Jody Camilletti, Penny Turon, and Chencho Salazar.

For additional information and photos, please the Alumni Page and click on the HUHS/HHS Annual All Class Reunion Link.  


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