Digital Publishing & Yearbook

At Hayden High School we strive and take pride in producing quality digital projects that are used to communicate on the web. Students take an in depth look into the ever changing landscape of the World Wide Web and social media websites. Students get creative in digital publishing by working with various software components. They research many resources and take ownership of their own learning by exploring many designs that are available. Students will work with digital photography and videography while incorporating these components into their projects.

Introduction to Business

This business course provides an introduction to the basic functions of business. This includes the business environment, forms of business ownership, business ethics, management, human resources and labor-management issues, cultural diversity, marketing, technology, and finance. Globalization and the changing world of business will be a focus. Students will have the opportunity to create a business plan and start their own business.

Personal Finance

Students will be introduced into the basics of personal finances and consumerism. Topics studied will include banking, saving and investing, credit and loans, insurance and consumer protection, and financial planning. Students will gain an understanding of how personal values and decision making play a role in financial security.