Welcome to Hayden Schools

The Hayden community is rightfully proud of its school system. We enjoy some of the finest and most dedicated educators in Northern Colorado. We know we have good schools, but our drive is much higher than that, we aspire to greatness!

Our goal and purpose is to assure that every graduate leaves HSD, college and career ready. They will have a purposeful plan for post graduate life and have the support and commitment from this community to provide the best tools we can afford.

We monitor our progress by:

  • Applying continuous improvement principles to develop a rigorous curriculum;
  • Having all our students reading at proficiency levels at the conclusion of 3rd grade;
  • Posting our achievement data and having courageous conversations about needed next steps;
  • Supporting multiple pathways to H/S graduation;
  • Fostering a climate of student pride in the rigor required to meet classroom standards.

Hayden School Community has financially supported of some of the smallest class sizes in the region. We take such pride in the success of our students, and stay connected long after the ceremony of graduation.


Our Elementary team is noted for their individual commitment to boys and girls. We are proud of the school’s reading performance. It is regularly repeated among our parents “Send your kids to Hayden, they teach them to read!”

Hayden is a special place, and as a staff, we guarantee students will work harder and have more fun right here, then at any other time, or place they have ever been.

Come …. Be a part of our TIGER team,


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Phil Kasper,
Superintendent of Schools