Spotlight of the Month – October 2016 – Mrs. Zabel

Spotlight of the Month – October 2016 – Mrs. Zabel

Mr. Kapser writes…

“Principal Gina Zabel, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and grew up in Berthoud, Colo. attending all of her early schooling there. After high school graduation she attended Univ. of Northern Colorado in Greely, to obtain her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. Greely is also where she met her husband Ty. Together they have two daughters, both attended Hayden Schools. Principal Zabel’s teaching career has been with Hayden Schools, spanning elementary and mid. school assignments in Music and Language Arts. Principal Zabel obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction as well as her administrative license in 2003. During those years she developed a love of assisting teachers in improving their teaching skills and chose to become a principal. Gina now has experience in both Middle School and High School administration.


Reflecting on her principalship, Gina states that one of the most challenging aspects of her role is in trying to meet the needs of everyone in a small school by herself; she tries to keep up with meeting her own expectations of being a leader who influences instruction and improves teaching practices. On the flip side she feels the best part of her job is the depth of relationships she has with students’ parents and her teachers.


From a supervisors point of view my appreciation of Principal Zabel includes her ability to see issues from different perspectives, the ability to appreciate another’s point of view is a needed administrative skill. Gina also works very long hours and supervises student activities both local and away from Hayden.


In summation Hayden is fortunate to have such fine people in these administrative roles. These are difficult jobs, very public and are often very thankless. Finding the middle road between parent, student, district and state requirements demands unique skill sets. It has been said that school principals need the hide of a Rhino, the heart of a Lion and the head of a Prophet. I am grateful for these two leaders, for I could not do my work with out them.”

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