Did you Know? — Colorado School Finance


“Are you getting a lot of questions about why all the money from marijuana is not paying for your schools? This is the number one question we receive and we would like to share our answer with you.

Grassroots St. Vrain is a non-profit, independent, parent run organization that formed in 2008 in the St. Vrain Valley School District to help pass our first successful MLO.  After seeing our community’s hard-won dollars offset by cuts from the state, we decided to widen our focus to statewide funding issues and decisions that impact our public schools.

It has taken us years to develop our understanding of the complicated funding issues we face in Colorado.  The majority of our work revolves around helping others to understand how school funding works in Colorado, so that they may make informed decisions that affect our schools.

We have created a video series to achieve this goal. Our videos are not specific to our school district, but are designed to be relevant statewide and they are not political.  With so many districts placing mill levy override and bond initiatives on their ballots this fall, we would like to share these videos with other Colorado school communities for their use.  ”

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